Goughnuts Interactive Dog Stick Chew

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GoughNut Stick Dimensions:

We have 3 sizes of GoughNut Stick - .75 Med, Original Large, & MaXX
Every GoughNuts Stick includes our patent pending two layered, "Chew Toy Safety Indicator."  

Our GoughNuts Sticks have become our #1 selling interactive chew toy.  This has occurred as dog owners have realized how functional the Stick is.  The stick is being used by Police K9 units around the world.  The Stick truly has become a hit. Our GoughNuts Sticks are guaranteed for life.  Our two layered technology, and our guarantee, are investments in your dog's safety.  Please remove any GoughNuts chew toy from your dog if the red indication is seen.  Please follow the instruction in the "Guarantee" section seen by selecting the button above.

The GoughNuts Sticks float!  - (Black Pro 50 models do not float)

Please realize that the GoughNuts Stick is more vulnerable to damage versus the original GoughNut Ring shape. Please consider our original Ring shaped GoughNut design or the GoughNuts Maxx Ring if your dog is an extreme power chewer. 

.75 Med Sticks in Green, Black, Orange & Yellow - Length 6.5 inches, Cross section 1.3 inches (10 to 25# dogs or used as a quick reward for larger dogs).

Large Stick in Green, Black, Pro 50, Orange & Yellow - Length 9.0 inches, Cross section 1.75 inches (Medium and Large dogs for play and moderate chewing).

MaXX Stick in Black & Pro 50 - Length 11.5 inches, Cross section 2.1" (Large dogs for play and moderate to heavy chewing).

The GoughNuts Stick in combination with the original GoughNut, produces the GoughNuts puzzle.  The puzzle is made by using a lubricant  (olive oil, dog saliva, dish soap) to press fit the Stick into the original GoughNut.  The Puzzle is shown in Black below in the center picture.  Any color combination of stick and original GoughNut in the same size category create the puzzle. 

The GoughNuts Stick was inspired by our friend, Officer Glen Graves of the Modesto PD.  Officer Graves handles Modesto K9 Kai, shown in picture two on the left.  The Stick is in the perfect shape for K9 handlers use when rewarding their K9.  We certainly appreciate having Officer Graves and Kai on our GoughNuts team.  The GoughNuts Stick is the last chew toy Kai will need, as all GoughNuts are guaranteed for life.  The two layered patent pending visual indicator and our lifetime guarantee is our investment in Kai's safety. 

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