Original GoughNuts Chew Ring

Original GoughNuts Chew Ring

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GoughNuts Original Ring is our flagship chew toy first designed in 2006.  There was a need for a safer product and there was a need for tougher or more durable product.  The Original Ring design has no weak points.  The dog will grab the Ring in a different spot each time creating months and or years of power chewing.  

It all started in our kitchen with an idea of "Green means Go and Red means Stop."  The safety premise is that if your dog can chew though to the red indicating layer, your instruction is to take the product away.  All GoughNuts have a safety Guarantee that we feel and we know is changing chew toy technology around the world.  The GoughNut Original ring is tough, bounces, rolls, floats (except for Pro 50 models), and whatever else you can think of.  

Maybe your dog needs a GoughNut! 


Below is a strength comparison between our GoughNuts engineered natural rubber recipes.  Please understand that regardless of how strong any chew toy is made, certain dogs will chew through it.  Therefore, our two layered patent pending safety design is incorporated in our GoughNuts Ring design.  The two layered patent pending design gives a clear indication when the GoughNut turns color from Green, Black, Orange or Yellow to an "Indication Red".  Every GoughNut product has a safety guarantee and when any red is seen, this indicates that the diameters of the toy are damaged.  Please read the entire "Chew Toy Safety Indicator" patent submital online to understand the details.

There are 3 sizes of GoughNut Rings. Our .75 Ring is for a 10 to 40 # dog.  The Original size is for 30 to 65# dogs. Our MaXX Ring is for large dogs and dogs that have massive chewing power. See GoughNuts Ring Dimensions below.

We have expanded the Green line to Black, our toughest color that utilizes engineered carbon reinforcement, and then to more visible colors of Orange and Yellow.  Orange Green and Yellow all have the same strength while the Black and the Pro 50 are the toughest.

If you are new to GoughNuts please know that we believe you.  You may have "THAT" dog.  We have heard it all.  Our goal has always been to make chew toy products that can be safe for every dog.  We have a wide range of product with a goal of matching your dog's power and persistence.  Whether you have a "grinder", a "picker" or a dog with a massive power jaw, we have a GoughNuts Ring for you.  Please trust the fact that we realize that there is no such thing as an indestructible chew toy.  Our goal is safety.  Our products are known throughout the world for durability and our safety indicator is making chew toys safer to help eliminate possible blockage issues.

GoughNut Ring Dimensions:

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Green means Go!  Red means Stop!

.75 Ring is offered in Green, Black, and Yellow - 3.75 inches in diameter and 1.3 inches cross section.

Original GoughNut Ring in Green, Black, Pro 50, Yellow & Orange - 5 inches diameter, 1.75 inches CS

MaXX Ring in Black, Pro 50 (distinguished with a yellow marking) - 6.25 Inches diameter, 2.1 inches CS

All GoughNut products are guaranteed.  We say Green means Go and Red means Stop!  If your dog chews through to the red this is your indication to take the GoughNut away from your dog and return it for a replacement.  Please read our Guarantee section for instructions

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