Auburn Leathercrafters Rolled Leather Dog Collar

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Round collars are particularly suited for dogs with long, thick coats because the round shape will aid in the prevention of tangled and matted fur around the dog's neck. But, they look great on dogs with short fur, too!

More than 20 production steps go into the making of our beautifully handcrafted round collars. We start by carefully selecting our full grain bridle leather. Our round collars are then formed and stitched and the edges are beveled and polished to create collars round shape. Made in a buckle-end style these are beveled and hand polished edges for comfort. Assembly is completed with a bright nickel-plated buckle with dee ring and smooth capped rivets. A Rolled Leather Leash, a Town Leash, or a Dover Court Leash will complete the look.

By Auburn Leathercrafters, makers of high-quality handcrafted leather products since 1950. Made in the USA.

Colors available: Tan, Red, Black, Burgundy, Pink, Baby Blue, Royal Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Green


Toy Breeds - Small Dogs:

1/2" x 10"
1/2" x 12"

5/8" x 14"
5/8" x 16"

8" to 10"
10" to 12"

12" to 14"
14" to 16"


Medium - Large Dogs:

1" x 18"
1" x 20"
1" x 22"
1" x 24"
1" x 26"

16" to 18"
18" to 20"
20" to 22"
22" to 24"
24" to 26"

X-Large Dogs:
Constructed in an extended dee ring pattern for extra strength. Assembly is completed with a bright nickel-plated roller buckle with dee ring and smooth capped rivets.

1-1/4" x 30"
1-1/4" x 34"

26" to 30"
30" to 34"

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