Dezi & Roo Wiggly Worm Wand

Dezi & Roo Wiggly Worm Wand

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Designed to drive your cat wild, the Wiggly Wand toy mimics "live" prey with its realistic movement.  It is recommended by veterinarians as an effective way to give your cat fun and exercise.  The Wiggly Wand is a high quality, interactive cat toy, that moves like a real worm or bug attempting to slighter away.   The telescoping wand makes it easy to put away when not in use.  A fantastic toy to interact with your kitty and entice her to hunt, chase, pounce, and bat around. 

  • Fun and addictive - enjoy hours playing with your cat in a super fun way with just a flick of your wrist
  • Enticing to cats - cats love to bat, tease, and "toy" with small bugs and prey
  • Safe for cats, safe for children - the length of the dangler keeps little fingers far away from sharp claws
  • Engage your pet - interactive toys engage the pet with its owner, this activity builds trust and companionship between you and your cat
  • Excellent value - we pride ourselves on great value

Each measure approx 8" long and have tails that mimic live prey.  The Squid tail is slightly thicker than the Worm making it easier to snatch out of the air and has paper tassels added to it.  Both are fun and offer similar methods of play.

Colors will vary

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