April Gadler Coffee Cat Mug, White Cat 12 oz.

$ 32.00
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Gorgeous ceramics by American artist, April Gadler. Each piece is handmade, making each piece unique (no two are exactly alike!). Coffee Cats are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Sitting cat (tall) mugs measure approximately 6.5" tall, and lying cat (short) mugs measure approximately 5" tall.

Made in the USA.

April Gadler's career started as a director of theatre. She spent ten years working in theatre groups in the Orange County area.
Following the birth of her son Nicholas in 1986, she decided that the theatre life was no longer the path she wanted to follow and she developed an interest in ceramic art. “Theatre has a whole life of it's own” she says, “and I found it difficult to be away from my son for such long hours.” She studied for 4 years under ceramic artist, Donna Banning where she developed her unique style of art.

One evening while she was quietly sitting, petting her sister's black Burmese cat, Sinbad, she noticed that he had brilliant yellow eyes, not the normal green eyes associated with most black cats. She had been making and selling ceramic masks during the "mask craze" of the late 80's and early 90's and got the idea of making a cup with the cat's long curly tail for the handle. She also incorporated the yellow eyes which are still standard on the black cats today. April believes that creativity comes from remaining open to possibility.

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