Aroma Paws Conditioning Coat Spray Collection

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4.5 oz

Daily spray to freshen & condition skin & coat.

Conditions and loosens knots and tangles for easier brushing.

Daily brushing reduces dirt and dander form your dog’s coat.

Each scent is formulated for a variety of your furry friend's needs!

Coriander- Skin Soothing Formula

Honeysuckle Jasmine- Dry Skin & Dandruff Formula

Lavender Chamomile- Anti Itch Calming Formula

Lemongrass Vanilla Bean- Coat Brightener Formula

Organic Olive Oil- Ultra Sensitive Skin Formula

Palmarosa-Dry, Flaky Skin Relief Formula

Pomegranate Cucumber- Fluffy, Shiny Coat Formula

For a complete list of ingredients, please visit Paw Aromas on the web:



Aroma Paws was born in 2008 in Los Angeles, CA out of a desire to create healthy and beautifully fragranced grooming solutions for the furry family we share our homes and lives with.

Our belief is that you can have a product that is beneficial to the dog (helps maintain a beautiful coat and itch free skin), beneficial to the earth (toxin free & healthy ingredients) and beneficial to the pet parent (amazing aromas that eliminate unpleasant dog odor) using the highest quality ingredients.

Aroma Paws harnesses the earth’s most healing ingredients to nurture your furry family from wet nose to wagging tail.

All products are made in the USA and our oils and extracts are sourced globally for purity from growers that share our commitment to quality.

NO Dyes - NO Pesticides - NO Animal By-products - NO DEA or TEA - NO Salt

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