Buddy Wash Splash Conditioning Spritzer, 4oz. spray

$ 6.00
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If you're living with a dog that has odor but you don't have time to give your furry friend a bath, try Buddy Splash. It's designed to neutralize odor and leave a refreshing clean scent. This non-irritating formula is also great as an after-bath leave-on conditioner for those dogs that just can't hold still long enough for Buddy Rinse. Plus, this soap free formulation can be used in conjunction with topical flea treatments.

  • Can be used in between baths as a freshening spray or as a leave-on conditioner to soften your pet's coat
  • pH-balanced to be gentle on your dog's sensitive skin
  • Safe for use on puppies
  • Soap Free, can be used in conjunction with topical flea treatments
  • All natural, made in the USA
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