Goughnuts Lite Bite

Goughnuts Lite Bite

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GoughNuts Lite are designed for the comfort of your dog.  Every dog needs to chew for health and exercise.  The GoughNuts Lite is for dog teething, interactive play, and an introduction to our more durable GoughNuts products.  Many dogs do not need the durability of our original GoughNut product line, however, every dogs needs to chew.  


The GoughNuts Lite products are still very durable/tough made from GoughNuts engineered natural rubber recipes.  We have placed a swirl on the outside of the Lite line to indicate that the red core does not exist inside.  The Lite line floats, are virtual wheels, and yes guaranteed like the rest of our product line.


It should be stated that the GoughNuts Lite line are not designed for the destructive chewer.  Our larger diameter GoughNut rings that have the safety indicator included should be used for power chewing.

.75 Lite Bites: For Dogs 2-12 lbs

Orginial Lite Bites: For Dogs 13-25 lbs

Lite Bites Maxx: For Dogs 26-55 lbs

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