K9 Kraving Dried Duck Feet

K9 Kraving Dried Duck Feet

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Dog tested and approved, these all natural dog treats and chews are great for training, everyday rewards and special occasions. Designed to complement a raw diet, K-9 Kraving’s dried treats and a wide variety of chews are made from the same quality ingredients as our dog food. Excellent for all dogs, especially those with weight or health issues. NO preservatives, processed meal ingredients, dyes, added sugars, cereal grains, glutens, nitrates, chemicals or soluble carbohydrates.

Made In The USA!

K-9 Kraving Duck Feet are  100% USA, 100% Natural, Single Sourced, Free-Range and Steroid & Antibiotic-Free. A tasty and crunchy, mess-free chewy snack for dogs of all ages and sizes and an excellent dental health treat for smaller breeds. 

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