Manual Woodworkers & Weavers Wall Panel

$ 33.00
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Soft & unique wall art made in the USA by Manual Woodworkers & Weavers. Beautiful enhancement to your indoor décor.

100% polyester.

Spot or Dry Clean Only.

Measurements exclude hanger. I Love My Cat comes with decorative metal rod for hanging. Dog Rules includes finished wooden dowel with cord for hanging.

Dog Rules!
A dog is a blessing that some think is true...
The only thing better is if you have two
So follow these
when you have a dog to hold...
for they are worth more than silver or gold.
Keep plenty of food and water on hand...
And taking walks often is a very good plan.
Dogs love to nap frequently but then are ready to run...
It's the way they were made,
It's the way they have fun.
So enjoy your dog often giving them kind words of praise...
And they'll be your faithful friend all their live long days.

Made in the USA!


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