Tasman's Bison Rawhide Chews, Roll, Pet Food

Tasman's Bison Rawhide Chews, Roll

$ 8.50

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Available in 2 sizes:
Medium (6"-7")
Large (9"-10")

No Glycerin, No Fillers, No Non-Sense! Made (and Sourced!) in the USA!

As Tasman's Explains...
Recently, we were asked why we use Bison and Elk to make our Rawhide Chews.  Why are we so proud to have made our chews from this material?  It’s difficult to acquire, and no one has done it before, so why did we do it?

There are many layers to the answer of this question.  The most important portion is that we believe our, and your dogs deserve a safe, natural chew that is made properly.  Many dogs are allergic to pork, beef, or poultry.  This put us on track to find a natural material that very few dogs are allergic to.  Bison and Elk are an obscure protein source that are not often fed to dogs.  This led us to believe that rawhide made from these animals may be a Hypo-Allergenic option for dogs!  After testing our theory, we found that our hypothesis was right on track.

We also wanted to use a protein source that contains no hormones, or antibiotics.  Because Bison and Elk are raised in very natural settings (prairies) they are not exposed to hormones or antibiotics the way many beef herds are.

We believe that dogs are happiest when they are getting back to the basics.  By being able to have a product that has been made with minimal processing, and from Hypo-Allergenic materials we have been able to give many allergenic dogs back the ability to chew.  For dogs, what’s more basic than being able to relax with the pack, and have a good chew?  We are proud to provide a rawhide chew that lets dogs unleash their wild side, without ruining your new shoes.

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