WO Design WO|Bone Dog Toy

$ 13.00

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The WO|Bone is unique, for your dog AND for you.  It is made in Montana, USA and designed with "Play"ability, durability, dental hygiene and "Recycle"ability in mind.  With each WO|Bone you purchase, WO Design will provide 2 meals for orphaned children in Ethiopia!

Note - please make sure to select the most size appropriate toy for your dog.  The Small WO|Bone is appropriate for dogs under 25 lbs.  All other dogs should play with a Large WO|Bone.

WO|Pet material is BPA-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA compliant—important when toys come in such close contact with your pet.

Sizes: Small (6") and Large (8.5")

Made in Montana, USA.

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