Earth Day 2019: Wag N Tell

Article published at: Apr 23, 2019 Article author: Lindsey Nicholson Article tag: Earth Day
Earth Day 2019: Wag N Tell
All Earth Day: Wag N Tell

  🌎 Earth Day 2019 🌎 
           Wag N Tell

Henry David Thoreau once said “It is not enough to be industrious; so are the ants. What are you industrious about?” Here at Reigning Cats & Dogs, having a sense of pride in our industrious purpose is key to our success:

We passionately aim to showcase Earth-conscious products made by companies in the States. For us, it’s not enough to just know WHAT a product is; we must also know HOW, WHY, and WHERE it’s made. We aim to give customers and their four-legged family members merchandise we can all feel good about.

In celebration of Earth Day, we selected a few companies we are especially proud to have on our shelves. We hope you fall in love with them like we did! Cheers to limiting our carbon footprints….er, pawprints together!

Honest Pet Products

Honest Pet Products was founded by Mary Wolff in 2010 with its belief of remaining “True to Our Pets, True to Our Planet, and True to Our People” to manufacture environmentally-safe toys for cats and dogs. While many companies include harmful ingredients, such as lead, plastic, pesticides, synthetic stuffing, and other toxic chemicals in their products, Honest Pet Products produces 100% natural toys using Hemp and sheep’s wool.

Organic Hemp has been Honest Pet Products’ primary ingredient because it naturally hinders the development of bacteria, microbes, mildew, and rot, even when it is drenched in saliva. Not only are they completely biodegradable, the products can replenish the soil when decomposed. Because Hemp is twice as strong as cotton, toys made from the fiber are twice as durable!

The company maintains its loyalty to humanity by hiring adults with disabilities to manufacture their products. Also, purchasing a Honest Pet Products toy will help eliminate the time dogs and cats spend in shelters because of their 50% Give-Back policy with shelters and rescues. Now that’s something to be proud of!

One of our favorite products by Honest Pet is the Eco Pouncer. The Eco Pouncer is an imitation mouse made with 100% natural sheep’s wool and yak’s hair. These cat toys were handmade by impoverished Mongolian women to support their penurious communities and the endangered Snow Leopards in their country. For every Eco Pouncer purchase, Honest Pet Products donates $2.00 to help terminate poverty and preserve the Mongolian snow leopards.

Every day is Earth Day when we sell one of these!

From the Field

From the Field was established in 1999 with the goal of protecting the planet by avoiding current issues, such as deforestation and pollution, whilst creating toys that are made with all-natural ingredients, like hemp, wood, cork, and catnip. Hemp fiber is chosen because it is a highly renewable resource that is safer and more durable than toys made from paper, cotton, and synthetics. Moreover, hemp is grown naturally without the application of pesticides and weed killers. From the Field offers American-made, pet friendly products that are biodegradable, non-toxic, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and dye free.

From the Field’s Tug-A-Hemp is an all natural hemp rope created by Hemp grown in Washington State. Tug-A-Hemp stimulates physical activity and play for dogs to maintain their health. In addition, it can be used as either a toy for chewing or for fetching. We offer Tug-A-Hemp in four different sizes- perfect for all dogs to get outside and play! Economically priced, Earth-Friendly, and PERFECT for adventures at the dog park makes this company and especially this toy one of our favorites to sell!

West Paw

West Paw was founded in 1996 to connect with customers, pets, communities, and the planet. For consumers, West Paw has a love it or... well, love it policy, guaranteeing that owners will have their product replaced or their money refunded if they are not entirely satisfied with their purchase. West Paw ensures that our furry friends have a companion in us by creating entertaining toys and comforting products. For the health of our furry friends, all articles are manufactured in America by the company itself to verify that the incorporated materials are safe. To keep the environment clean, West Paw recycles banana boxes to package their finished products. Consumers can help protect the planet by donating their used and worn out Zogoflex dog toys to be recycled into new toys. West Paw has also protected our planet by eliminating the presence of over 15 million water bottles in landfills and transforming them into IntelliLoft, an eco-fiber to use in their toys and beds.

West Paw’s hand sewn Heyday Beds are double stuffed with Intelliloft and are available in four distinct sizes. Listed below are how many plastic bottles are used to make each sized bed:

What a way to make a difference, just by choosing where our dogs and cats sleep!

Only together, can we, as a community, help protect, save, and nurture this awesome planet we call home. We hope that together, as a business and as consumers prioritizing the Earth, we can make a difference! Happy Earth Day!  

- A Collaborative Effort By:

Lindsey Nicholson and Sumer Dames
(Reigning Staff Members)