Meet the Fur Children

Posted on April 18, 2016 by The Purrveyor

The question I'm usually asked the most in the store is "Do you have any pets?" I do have a couple pets! Ok, a lot of pets. 1 dog and 5 cats to be exact. I have always loved dogs, but my love of cats is more recent. In fact, if you had met me 5 years ago I would have told you I can't stand cats!, which it turns out, is totally wrong. Live and learn, I guess.

My first dog was a member of the family well before I was born. This is my darling doggie now, Dakota.


Dakota at 12 weeks old......and Dakota now, in all her doggie awesomeness!

Dakota is a Korean Jindo that I adopted 12 years ago as a puppy from a shelter. She's just an awesome dog in every way.

My first cat chose me about 3 years ago. I just happened to be walking past an adoption center run by the great folks at Culpeper Felines & Friends,

and this face --> Spicy Cat

                             how could I not love this cuteness?!?!?!

said "Mom!" Or at least I swear he did. It was enough to make me stop and talk to him. I looked straight at him and said, "Wait! You're actually really sweet!" So I ended up playing with this kitten (whose name was "Chili") and his beautiful sister, Cuddles

isn't she GORGEOUS?!?!?!?

and decided that they loved me and I loved them and wham!, just like that I was a cat person (my folks would tell you I'm this magnet --> Crazy Cat Lady Magnet). And the story would have ended there, but this is what you get when you adopt a kitten named "Chili"...

So it turns out Chili is a little furball of energy, and Cuddles' highest priority in life is to be a decorative throw pillow and grow fur. This was a problem. A big problem. I went to Reigning Cats & Dogs and bought all the kitten toys they had, including Chili's favorite catnip toy, the Yeowww Yellow Fish,

Yeowww! Catnip Yellow Fish               
this is how it looked new...........and this is how it looks now, 3 years later, still intact!

but that cat would not stop. The kids (of the human variety) and I nicknamed Chili "Spicy Cat", and Spicy Cat wanted to PLAY and PLAY and PLAY and poor Cuddles (aka "The Queen") was very upset because Chili was making her life miserable. So after a while, I decided that Chili needed a brother to play with.

I happened to be walking past another adoption center with my youngest son, and this cat smacked the glass and meowed when he saw us. And when I say smacked, I mean like when someone bangs on a window to get your attention. To say this cat chose us would be an understatement.

I read his papers, and his previous family had given him up because he was too active. Perfect! So Griffin (Griffy) went home with us, and he and Spicy Cat terrorize the house together and leave Queen Cuddles to nap and grow fur.

Then there's Fuzzy, who came to me via a text message at 10:30pm. The text was from my best friend and said, "Dude, want a kitty?" I kid you not.

Here is Griffy and his mini doppelganger, Fuzz.

Our last addition was Clara, who was an abandoned cat who showed up on my porch starving and dying of a severely infected facial wound. She's much better now (thanks Culpeper Animal Hospital!), but will forever retain the nickname "Zombie Cat" due to the way she looked when she arrived on the doorstep.

In case you were thinking boy, that's a lot of fur, you would be correct! Here is an accurate depiction of my house conveniently placed on a doormat!
High Cotton Hair of the Dog Doormat

The fur children haven't learned how to vacuum yet, but they do have a job, and that's testing all the products for me. If something is Spicy Cat approved, it's good stuff!

So that's the fur family. Nice to meet you!

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