Carefully Curated Treasures for People and Pets

In Culpeper, Virginia

Reigning Cats & Dogs is a woman-owned and operated pet-themed specialty boutique located on East Davis Street in the beautiful downtown Culpeper, Va.

The Store focuses on providing eco-friendly and globally responsible products that make a big impact on the heart and mind, while minimizing the carbon paw print.

Shop Cat on Duty

Bluey showed up on the manager's door step Thanksgiving morning, very skinny and dirty. After eating turkey with the manager's four year old daughter, we knew that Bluey deserved a forever home with us at the shop!

She joined the staff as a full time resident guard cat in December 2022. She loves children and people- loves ear scratches and playing with her cat wand. Have a purrr-sonal shopping experience with Bluey at your side! 

Due to surviving on the streets, Bluey is learning to heal from her trauma of having to live in constant flight or fight. She is prone to hissing at large dogs when they first come in. Please keep all pooches on leash when visiting us. She is learning to stay in her tree when dogs come by. Our well-trained and informed staff will help Bluey go to her tree, if you come in and she hisses. Please just give us a sec!


Allergic to cats? No worries! We vacuum daily and sanitize all store surface areas to minimize the irritation. If you are concerned about having a reaction, we will gladly do curbside pick up or scheduled virtual shopping at your convenience.

Proud Recipient of The Virginia Workplace Breastfeeding-Friendly Awards

The Virginia Workplace Breastfeeding-Friendly Awards recognize the Commonwealth’s champions who have gone above and beyond many federal and state requirements for workplace support for new mothers and are therefore leading the way for family wellness.

Monica recognizes the need to uplift women in her role as a female business owner and support women in their journey.

"We’ve tried to not just be here as a business to make a profit, but to help others be empowered"

-Monica Chernin

Proudly listed on the Safe Space Alliance

The Safe Space Alliance is a LGBTQI+ led nonprofit organization that aims to help people identify, navigate, and create safe spaces for LGBTQI+ communities worldwide. Being part of the Safe Space Alliance is being part of a global and collaborative safe space community.