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From the Field Jacques Le Sock Catnip Toy

$ 6.00
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All natural and holistic healthy toys for happy cats.

*Approved by Veterinarians
*Eco-Logical and biodegradable friendly

Our cat toys are made with strong and durable hemp fiber material and
filled with organic catnip and are much appreciated by feline around the

- Hemp fiber is extremely durable
- Cats everywhere agree, “These things feel like a real mouse!”
- Using our secret catnip blend developed over many year of feline testing makes  our products far more fragrant than many others.
- Completely biodegradable, earth friendly, pet friendly… nothing but fun!

- Fully biodegradable and Made in USA!

Jacques le Sock is filled with our “Ultimate Blend “of Silver Vine and all natural catnip, along with buckwheat hulls for a crinkly effect! It may also work with kitties that do not react to catnip.

Please note that your Jacques Le Sock may be any of the colors pictured. Shelby comes in green, blue, orange, and purple, using all natural food-dyes.

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