Greeting Cards With A Purpose, By Brenda McNeill

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Real Estate Agent by profession in the heart of wine country California, Brenda McNeil dedicates her free time to painting dog and cat portraits of animals who are homeless and in a shelter. She spends hours with each subject to not only capture the personality, but also to advocate passionately about his or her adoption. Upon adoption, she donates a professional print of the painting to the person who gives the animal a new home. Due to popularity, Brenda has taken her passion for shelter animals a step further by creating cards of each of her portraits. She donates 100% of her profits from the cards to the SPCA and shelters in the Napa and Somona Valley. 

To learn more about Brenda and her businesses and community passions, visit her website:

(Not all card portraits available for viewing)

Reigning Cats & Dogs pledges to donate 10% of these purchases to Culpeper Animal Rescues. 
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