Innovative Glass & Home Ornaments

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Everything is designed and handcrafted in Maine!  Because these products are handcrafted, they may not be exactly as pictured.


Polly Plourde doesn’t refer to herself as an artist… she’s a glass fuser. When someone views her work and asks if she’s the artist, she typically responds “I’m the person having fun!”

In 2005, Polly decided to try her hand at glass fusing. The timing of classes didn’t work out so se decided to spend the money on her first kiln and teach herself. She now owns four kilns and has a blast each day! Polly believes her quirky style is a result of not being influenced by an instructor.

What inspires Polly’s creations? COLOR! Sometimes a collection of scrap glass on the worktable will catch her attention and her mind starts to whirl with the possibilities of combining the colors in a new design.

She smiles as she is creating… there’s nothing better!


What is fused glass? The process begins with a special type of stained glass that can withstand the high temperatures of a kiln. The design elements are cut by hand from the colored glass, cleaned, and then assembled. The piece then goes into the kiln and the intense heat fuses the individual pieces of the glass into one. If the fused piece is going to be shaped, it goes back into the kiln at a lower temperature and is placed on a mold. Over a period of time the glass slumps into, or over, the mold, taking on its shape. That is glass slumping (into the mold) or glass draping (over the mold).


This fun process takes place in Polly’s glass studio in Dayton, Maine. All raw materials are made in the USA, as is the packaging for the ornaments.

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