Pet Cone Collars by Vet Worthy

Pet Cone Collars by Vet Worthy

$ 5.25
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Adjustable, lightweight, flexible and comfort edging soft collar. Perfect for after surgeries, medicines, skin irritation, prevention of licking or self-inflicted wounds.  Available in 5 sizes. 

​Item# 0021N - XXL
Neck size (15.25in - 25.0in) Circumference (38.74cm - 63.50cm)
Item# 0019N - XL
Neck size (12.25in - 21.0in) Circumference (31.12cm- 53.34cm)
Item# 0017N - L
Neck size (9.5in - 15.5in) Circumference (24.13cm- 39.37cm)

Item# 0015N - M
Neck size (7.25in - 12.25in) Circumference (18.42cm- 31.12cm)
Item# 0013N - S
Neck size (5.75in - 9.95in) Circumference (14.61cm- 24.13cm)
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